“The Alternative” Menstrual Cup – Lasts up to 5 Years


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  • Choose SMALL if you are below the age of 30 or if you have not had a natural birth
  • Choose LARGE if you are above the age of 30 or if you have had a natural birth – SOLD OUT

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  • What is a Menstrual Cup?  A Menstrual Cup is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted internally with the sole purpose of collecting & holding your menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours – flow-dependent
  • The Alternative Menstrual Cup lasts up to 5 YEARS, consider the savings you are making each month (up to R4000 in the 5 Year lifecycle of the Menstrual Cup) if you switch from using disposables to The Alternative Menstrual Cup
  • You have more freedom & flexibility in managing your period as the Menstrual Cup holds more fluid, giving you more time to do you!
  • The Alternative Menstrual Cup holds up to 3 times more fluid than a tampon
  • Re-usable, Eco-friendly, Discreet
  • Made with Medical Grade Silicone, latex, and BPA free
  • Very cost-efficient – when you consider the initial cost outlay versus the monthly cost of disposable products.
  • By changing to a Menstrual Cup, you not only save money every month but you save up to 16 500 disposable Menstrual products being dumped in our landfills in your period lifecycle compared with using 11-12 Menstrual Cups in the same time frame

Isn’t it time to #liveconsciously

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