Single-use disposable products used for just minutes in our lives can take 1000’s of years to biodegrade.

Making the switch to sustainable products can make a big difference for the environment.  Instead of using a plastic straw plastic water bottle, plastic cotton bud, plastic bags at the supermarket, disposable coffee cups, and balloons, consider the alternatives that are available and #liveconsciously by making the right choice and choosing re-usable and sustainable products rather.

We can help you to #liveconsciously, visit our shop to see the current products that we have on offer that are re-usable, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Our story

We source and promote re-usable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products as alternatives to existing single-use items out there. Our aim is to help bring about transformation towards sustainability with creative approaches and solutions.

Our aim is to create awareness that mobilises people to make progressive changes within their lives by having access to suitable alternatives to the thousands of disposable items we as humans have created for the purpose of convenience.

Isn’t it time to #liveconsciously?